Therapy in English

Villegas Psicología is a therapy center founded back in 1998. Throughout the years, we have worked with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families. We have changed, evolved, and adapted ourselves, and we still do so every day, following people’s needs and offering a high-quality and human-aware service. Today, our center represents a doble nexus, the team itself -two psychologists working together- and the bond we establish with our patients, providing a safe space to share their story.

Specialized psychology clinic for children and adolescents

Our work is guided by scientific principles and our extended experience. Based on Functional Contextualism, the treatment is not aimed at a specific psychological problem, but at psychopathology in general. This model is transdiagnostic and adapts itself to each clinical situation.

Our approach is thus practical and scientific, based on the acquisition of useful skills and strategies which will allow us to implement actions towards a meaningful life. The discomfort might remain present, but throughout the process we will learn how to deal and interact with it in a healthy way. We understand that within the therapeutic context, our relationship might involve suffering, feeling stuck or hopeless. Offering support and building an empathic union are essential in our shared journey and will be determinant for making progress.

Children’s and Adolescent’s Therapy

The appointments between the child or adolescent and the therapist are coordinated with parallel work with their family or legal guardians. These two paths are developed simultaneously and occasionally together as a group. We work on the most common difficulties on these life stages, that might affect the relationships they maintain with others (family, group of friends, teachers, classmates, etc.) or with themselves.

When it comes to children, it might not be easy to identify if certain aspects, situations, or issues were always there, did just emerged, or might go away with time just as they appeared. Usually, parents or teachers notice something is not quite right or as it was before, it might be behavioral changes, signs of depression, anxiety or ADHD, the loss of a loved one, the lack of social awareness and skills or any other. In our sessions, we will try help them overcome difficulties and reach the happiest version of themselves.

Adolescence is a critical life phase during which people encounter changes at the personal, academic, familial, and social level. Teenagers may feel misunderstood, lonely and they may not share their problems at home as they used to, which can lead to a spiral of further problems and hopelessness. In these situations, relying on professional help will allow them to share their emotions, work on these difficulties and clarify their goals and directions in life. We are here for you, we are here for them.

Adult’s Therapy

We work on the difficulties that could have just appeared in adulthood or have been persistent and maintained through previous life stages. Problems can arise after a particularly difficult time or situation, and each person might react to them differently, affecting the relationship maintained with others (partner, family, group of friends, co-workers, etc.) or with themselves.

In our sessions we will identify together these problems, their causes and maintenance, propose alternative strategies to cope with them and start the process of change, following what we value in life and what we want to achieve.

We believe a concrete situation could benefit from psychological intervention when it significantly affects someone’s (or their family’s) life, causing some kind of discomfort. To do so, first we evaluate the problem, its interference, recurrence and evolution. Backed by a functional analysis and together with our patient, we then design and propose an intervention plan based on individual goals and values.

Skills are practised, reinforced, corrected, and improved during the session, to facilitate their implementation outside the therapeutic physical setting. We are always sensitive to individual needs and contexts, available strategies and learning pace. The treatment is revised continuously to optimise the course of therapy and the goals achieved.

First it comes a call or email from your side, then we will schedule our first appointment, in which we will get to know each other and establish the main goals of the therapy. The following appointments will be scheduled according to your personal needs and availability. We will be with you during the whole process. We count on licensed health psychologists with extensive experience providing therapy in English in Córdoba, Granada and online. In case of interest, here you can find some of the most relevant professional experiences of our team